Wouldn’t be dead for quids

Colors of indigo,gold,greys,lilac against pale clouds, then 10mins later the orange ball popped its head out of  the ocean. Slowly, ever so slowly – there she is yellow/orange, round and stunning, like it’s my first viewing!!  Against a sea of light blue – still, serene, morning has broken with the lights of the Pier still aglow. Suddenly the magnificence of day- break, uncovers another spectacle known as Loutit Bay, Lorne; all there for the taking viewed from a 60sqm floating steel and glass deck, seven meters off the ground with a breath- taking 270 degree outlook on to the water. Capturing views from the Pier, across breaking waves of the Bay, passing the Swing Bridge and to Airey’s Inlet Lighthouse – on a clear day, I can see Mt. Martha.

Polwarth Heights is surrounded on three sides by thick bush, abutting Grove Reserve, with the east view on to the sea as far as the eye can see. Birdlife is prolific, air clean,  and within a five minutes walk from the heartbeat of town – not a soul around – bliss! my kinda of town.

The evening begins with a glass of bubbles in front of a glorious fire and in view I spot the Pier, lit up like a Christmas tree. best pier in the world I’ve decided and yes, it’s floating in the ocean, my God – what a beauty – I’m breathless!!

I walk out from the massive sliding doors on to the deck and look up only to be confronted with a star-lit sky. it seems like I’m under a dome with twinkling lights all around – this little girl is in fairyland and is dizzy as she swirls around with the grandeur. I don’t want to come inside, but it’s a little chilly, the Pier lights beckon, there is however a powerful aroma of lamb shanks crying out to be savoured at long last after six hours of simmer. Glass of red? Yes, please!!

The second day, weather not so kind – grey ocean, drizzly, bleak. although still jaw breaking outlook. thru masses of glass, a huge living/dining area with soaring cathedral ceilings I make a judgement call to stay indoors, reading, writing, snoozing.

Another day in paradise. I awake to the distant melody of birds singing in unison, then aware of another species engaging in a chorus of their own. Grey  sky, grey ocean, still toasty lying in bed looking straight out to sea.  Then what’s this?  Sun suddenly streaming in on the north side. Nevertheless, the ocean is rippled/glistening and is  an amazing turquoise, a shade only Bass Strait can produce this time of year.

Mountjoy Parade, a delight on this amazing day, soft waves gently caress the half moon bay. looking north-east, the eye meanders along the Otways, passing the famous Swing Bridge over Erskine River with the dramatic, vast scenery of the Great Ocean Road, finishing at Split Point Lighthouse. compelled to stroll along and browse the various boutiques, speciality shops, galleries and cafes, I have to replenish this thirst for Nature with a quick champs at the elevated Lorne Hotel – Life is good, the day pelting out a stunner, ah, let’s have one for the road!. Back to creature comforts, I elect to have a solid lunch on the deck watching the kookaburras land on the balustrade and hear the screech of cookies in the distance – destructive buggers!! now this calls for a quick nap, I wake refreshed to drinks, sun close to setting, Pier alight.

Surely, after a home cooked dinner, it mustn’t be time to go back to the big smoke? After three magnificent days in this magic health resort my senses are indulged, the most peaceful escape that restores the balance back to life. Ultimately I will remember the peace, quiet and tranquillity of this cosmopolitan seaside resort.   Spectacular coastal outlook, windswept beaches, rugged coastline, waterfalls and dramatic cliffs.  How does one get so lucky?